only accommodation + activities reservations are accepted


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minimum stay 


2 nights

from April 30th to June 09th
from September 19th to November 01st


3 nights

from June 10th to September 18th


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All reservations require a prior availability confirmation from Azenhas da Seda.

The person responsible for the contact should centre the reservations and payments of all Group.

Reservations will only be considered effective after sending the following information by email:


· Mobile contact from the person responsible for the Group;

· Name and birthdate of all participants in the activities, for insurance purposes;

· Foreign customers: list with passport or C.C. numbers and country of origin, for communication to SEF (Immigration and Borders Service);

· List with the distribution of all persons by accommodation, breakfast box and scheduled activities;

· Proof of payment made through a single bank transfer;