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discover the unexplored Alentejo


river hiking

Hiking activity of great natural beauty takes us to discover the banks of the Seda River.


Along the route, some challenges will pop up: obstacles crossing using ropes, canoes and inflatables. 

+ 8 years



Activity that alternates open sections of the river with narrower zones of luxuriant vegetation.

​Accessible to everyone, the final route is made through old watermills where the river accelerates in exciting rapids.

+ 13 years


Soft Canyoning

This activity takes us on a journey of discovery along rocky streams with rapids and small waterfalls.


Filled with surprises and challenges, it includes overcoming natural obstacles with the help of fixed ropes, swimming down the rapids and jumping into the water.

+ 8 years



The exciting white-water activity requires the use of a special board and flippers for manoeuvring it.

The course meanders downriver leading us through a succession of rapids and small waterfalls, making this activity an unforgettable experience.

+ 13 years


Canoe rafting

Pure white-water activity using two-person rafts, which allows participants to discover the wildest rivers in this Alentejo region.

+ 8 years


sup & Boat Tour

Relaxing tour in a solar boat through the water mirror of Maranhão dam with stops for bathing and Alentejo regional products tasting onboard.


In the end, a set of SUP boards awaits us on the river beach for a fun moment with all the participants.

In partnership with: 

Além Tejo Boat Ecotours

+ 8 years


river Safari

Nature observation activity that leads us to understand the wildlife inside rivers.


Progressing on foot and by canoe to access more recondite and wild areas., the group is accompanied by a  specialized wildlife guide.


In partnership with

Portugal Birds & Trails

+ 8 years


The activities and schedule foreseen for 2022 may be changed due to Covid-19 restrictions, adverse weather conditions, sudden changes in river flow, or other risk factors external to the organization.

In need of any change, an alternative activity will be carried out without implying any type of refund for the participants.