This year with fewer activities,

but always with a lot



Soft Canyoning

Soft-canyoning activity takes us on a journey of discovery along rocky streams with rapids and small waterfalls. 

Filled with surprises and challenges, it includes overcoming natural obstacles with the help of fixed ropes, swimming down the rapids and jumping into the water.

tuesdays 14H30

thursdays 14H30

sundays 09H00

+ 13 years


river Safari

Nature observation activity that leads us to understand the wildlife inside rivers. 

Progressing on foot to access more recondite and wild areas, the group is accompanied by a specialized wildlife guide.


In partnership with Portugal Birds & Trails


mondays 14H30

fridays 14H30

+ 8 Years


Hike & Swim

Exploring rivers, creeks and ancient watermills, the Hike & Swim activity alternates riverside hiking with outdoor swimming in calm waters.

Wednesdays 14H30

Saturdays 14H30

+ 8 Years